I couldn't give a 4X

18 March, 2010


It was an early start to get to the 'plane to Brisbane but it was made easier by a smooth journey by MRT to the airport. I was collared in to having a 'make over' by a Dior assistant at the airport ('I want to make you look prettier' she said sounding convinced she was up for the job) so I obviously looked rough and by the end of it I looked 'done over' and make a swift exit to the toilets to wipe most of it off. I lucked out again on the flight by getting a seat by the bulkhead and a spare seat next to me. Maybe the spare seat was something to do with my made-up face...


 P was there to meet me at the airport. We first met in Oxford at differing stages of our studies and he now lives in a place called Moorooka, which (by P’s own admission) sounds like a disease. The Aussies seem to put "o's" at the end of words: 'servo', 'combo' & 'smoko': I feel like I need a phrase book most of the time to help me get my head around the ‘lingo’. I am finding it difficult not to mimic the accent and have been told to be careful otherwise I'll get my head kicked in (not sure if this is a genuine threat or not!)

P has taken tomorrow off and we are heading up to Noosa for the day.

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