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Fed up with boring luggage?

One of my favourite things to do is travel - I love nothing more than wandering around a new place looking at the architecture, observing the history & its people & taking photographs (much to the delight of Mr Mapp of London who still cannot get over how many pictures I can take of a doorway. But there are some amazing doors out there!) One of the downsides of travelling is spending time in airports and in particular, waiting for your luggage to arrive on the carousel. It was whilst waiting for my luggage to arrive and watching the ubiquitous black suitcases (mostly with colourful bows so the owner could identify their suitcase from all the others, umm, I am also guilty of this!), that I happened upon my design inspiration for my camera shaped luggage tags. Now I have a colourful luggage tag to help me identity my black luggage and I also have a cool design that reflects one of my passions!

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