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Mapp of London Made in London. Glam up your cam!

It has long been a dream of mine to make Mapp of London also Made in London. These new sample camera straps are a result of this dream! Please let me have your feedback....

they are going for a special offer of £35 each on my Etsy store but hurry, as they are limited editions!

Why should you have to choose between style and practicality when you are out taking beautiful photographs?

This camera strap manages to combine both. It is made with the finest quality materials, with beautiful leather and silver hardware.

Only genuine leather is used and therefore the texture of your product may vary slightly. All products are individually handcrafted using the finest leathers and the leather has not been corrected to wane its nature and its natural aging will assume a classic worn look.

Each product is therefore, by its very nature, a limited edition and this is a sample product.

The strap is adjustable, measuring 120cm at its longest. It is 3.5cm wide. Slim and lightweight.

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