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Leaving Las Vegas

7 May 2010

Fortunately for me, the Dutch guy from my tour was driving back to LA today and I elect to get a lift with him instead of getting my ridiculously early flight and although it meant that I didn’t have time to see a little bit of LA, it meant that I could have a tiny all American road trip instead. The road from Vegas to LA is straight, long and the landscape is peppered with Joshua Trees, some shopping centres and not much else. The terrain is also green and the closer you get to LA, the landscape changes completely to snow capped mountains and then smog. There were an extraordinary number of blown out tires on the road, broken down vehicles and cop cars as they are Nazi-like in their approach to speeding (but not to car safety it would seem)

The traffic coming in LA was horrendous (on the way from Vegas, the traffic was all coming the other way) and we eventually found the Radisson hotel near LAX which was my hotel for the ‘night’. I met up with my friend’s brother and his wife for a quick drink in the hotel bar and it was nice to catch up with them and I have an early night as I really do need to get up at 4am tomorrow for my flight to Lima via Miami.

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