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Singapore Sling

17 March 2010

I am still suffering with the jetlag and spent most of the morning trying to sort out the wireless connection in the shopping centre across the road. Finally, after one attempt in McCafe (yes, I went into a McDonalds....but needs must), two attempts in Starbucks (yes, I went into a Starbucks...) and one attempt in an appliance shop, I got it working. Everyone was extremely helpful and pleasant so I felt obliged to Starbucks to buy a tea and a sandwich and to use their wifi! I set off to Chinatown on the MRT which is clean, cheap and efficient. Chinatown is an interesting place with lots of opportunities to spend money on rubbish and other stuff that you may not need. I went into a Buddhist temple and watched them perform an extraordinary long service but it was colourful and interesting to watch.

The next day I visited Little India and the Arab quarter after meeting with some uncle's friends for lunch. It is much sunnier today and I am feeling the heat. You cannot come to Singapore and not visit the infamous Raffles: it's a lovely building set in beautiful gardens but it is a complete tourist rip off and a Singapore Sling cost £20 so I opted for the 'cheaper' £7 7up and ate as many free peanuts that I could shovel down. It's St Patrick's day so we went for a few beers in an Irish bar. I say few because a beer is on average £7 a pint. I am off the Brisbane tomorrow! UPDATE: B is still in Singers and is now a mum to two lovely boys!

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