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Greetings from Singapore!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

My tour got off to a good start with a hassle free bus journey to LHR from Richmond (thanks to J again for letting me stay at hers in Richmond so I could catch the bus from (literally) around the corner) and I also managed to blag a seat with extra leg room without having to pay the £30 fee ('heightest' if you ask me) and then I didn't have anyone sitting next to me. And the pilot was a Saffa, so good news all round.

I am in love with Singers - it's clean, friendly and warm. Everything London isn't! I chat to the taxi driver to takes me from the airport to my friend B's apartment. He tells me that his children cannot afford to live in Singapore and have all moved to Canada - I was aware of it being one of the most expensive cities in the world, but this does not bode well for my trip and my tight budget.   I am staying with B in her amazing flat on the 29th floor of a luxury apartment block near Orchard Road. She is being a brilliant host but I am suffering with the jetlag a bit and don't feel altogether with it.  B's flat as two kitchens, something that is very common in Singapore, one being for 'staff' (hidden away from your guests) and one that's in full view and for show.  Monty Python's 'two sheds Jackson' sketch springs to mind.  I go for a swim in the large communal pool (I'm the only one there) and let the realisation that I am on holiday sink in - I think I could get used to a life like this! 

The weather isn't great: it's rainy and overcast but still very humid and a darn sight better than Londres. I am off to see the sights of Singers today and tomorrow before flying to Brisbane on Thursday.

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