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London Photo Festival 18-20 May

In 2011, I co-founded the London Photo Festival which is a Festival for amateur and semi-professional photographers to exhibit their work. What sets us apart from other Festivals or galleries, is that we do not evaluate your work - you pay for a space and you're in! The Festival works on two levels, the first is that it gives the artist an opportunity to see their image printed out, a dying art in the age of digitial photography and the second is it acts as an educational platform where you can learn how to prepare your images for exhibition, write about your image, set price levels and learn how to improve your photography.

The theme for this year's Festival is 'travel' including 'your journey' (one photographer has documented his daily journey into work) and it's free to visit. The tenth London Photo Festival will run from 18-20 May in the Crypt under St George the Martyr Church (opposite Borough Underground station), Borough High Street SE1 2JA.

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