Give your loved ones some DIY artwork with these adorable Embroidery Hoops made from quality leather offcuts.


I am always on the lookout for ways to use up the scraps of leather leftover from my leather projects. As a means to reduce waste and create unique decor, this project produces an Embroidery Hoop from a mix of colourful leather hearts. Get in the handmade spirit with this project that's fun to make and easy to cherish.


Each kit makes one hoop. Vegan option available, gold colour only.


What's in the kit?


** Different size heart shaped leather discs and I & U initials (various colours) OR pinatex discs (vegan leather made from pineapples - gold)

** Embroidery Hoop (15cm/6in) x 1

** RibbonCotton/linen fabric hand dyed with royal blue dye


Then simply create your own design!


What else do I need?


A glue gun (optional) or strong craft/PVA glue

An apron (optional)


Please note: Product aesthetics may vary due to external supplier availability. The kit will always be supplied with the same contents.

Upcycled Heart Valentines Embroidery Hoop: Kit