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As a lover of travel, photography and bags, I was constantly on the search for a beautiful camera and travel bag. When I couldn't find one that would fit my needs, I decided to design my own.This handmade leather bag will keep your camera safe and secure while also looking chic. The bag is cobalt blue leather, with black piping detail and an especially designed internal fabric. It has two pockets for any bits and bobs. The external pocket is fastened with gold poppers.The bag measures 25 x 22cm (9.8" x 8.7"), with a width of 12cm (4.7"). Length of adjustable strap at its longest is 125cm (49")

The internal fabric is recycled cotton.Only genuine leather is used and therefore the texture of your product may vary slightly. All products are individually handcrafted using the finest leathers and the leather has not been corrected to wane its nature and its natural aging will assume a classic worn look. Each product is therefore, by its very nature, a limited edition.

Cobalt Blue Leather Camera/Travel Bag

  • My products are made from recycled and sustainably sourced leather and the internal lining is hand printed. The colours are therefore limited editions. The bag measures 25 x 22cm (9.8" x 8.7"), with a width of 12cm (4.7").

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